Which is better for your child? A 1-to-1 tutor or a group program?

Ever wondered if teaching in schools can be improved? I have – all my life – and I have come to some pretty definite conclusions.

Particularly about 1:1 tuition.

Long story short… I’m not a massive fan of 1:1 tuition to help students become their best at Maths.

It’s not that it can’t work – it really can (until it doesn’t, haha).

But there’s something soul-destroying about your child being so reliant on a tutor every week. You get to fives years down the line and find your child:

– Still uncomfortable with Maths

– Lacking in self-confidence and independence

– Unable to move forward as soon as things get hard 

BUT, I’m getting ahead of myself. Ultimately, you’ve got to choose for yourself.

So here’s a quick rundown of the key differences:

1:1 Model

When you hire a one-to-one tutor


  • You can get started almost right away.
  • One session is cheap and low stakes.
  • You can test out lots of different tutors to see who you like and who your kid likes.


  • You have no clear plan or structure.
  • Sessions become re-active – what would you like to cover today Jonny?
  • No end date so tutor and child become complacent and dependent.
  • It also begins to get very expensive with no end date. Think £50 per week for the next five years.
  • You are potentially reliant on an undergraduate student who is just making money on the side. They know nothing about teaching proper.
  • Or you are reliant on an overworked teacher, again making money on the side, who does not have time to plan for your child’s journey.

One-off program

Buy a program to tackle Maths head on, with intensity, with the intention of having this sorted once and for all. 


  • A program that is designed to deal with your child’s specific problem quickly and effectively.
  • Your child always has a clear plan, with clear weekly goals to achieve. If you do this, your child will reach the intended goal. It is tried and tested
  • The program is finished in 12 weeks. Take back your time for good.
  • The program blends 1-to-1, self-study, and grouped session elements.
  • Self-study allows your child to move at own their pace and learn to become more independent.
  • 1-to-1 support is always available but not over-relied upon discouraging dependency.
  • Group sessions improve results through a culture of success. Students feed off each other’s motivation and inspire each other.
  • Your child will engage, enjoy and excel in maths. They will be ready to push on further if they so desire at the end of the course without extra tuition costs.

Not cons so much but things you do need to think about:

  • Committing to a blended program in the short term is financially more expensive than a 1-to-1 initially.
  • Being prepared to trust the system and have faith that it will work.

So there you have it. If you think you can make 1:1 tuition work – hats off to you.

If the thought of 1:1 makes you want to hide your head in the sand, know there is a simpler way and stay tuned to learn more about precisely that.

Much love

Tom  xx

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