Pass Maths GCSE
quickly and painlessly

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As a teacher

It starts with

We know that the best students are the ones who enjoy the subject. It’s not about checklists and worded problems. None of that matters if they don’t want to spend time on it. 

Its blended
for best results.

The program connects students on the same journey. As well as 1-to-1 support, students take inspiration from each other and learn the power of independence from day one.

It empower students and leaves a lasting legacy

Students leave with the tools to succeed at anything school throws at them and beyond. They walk into every lesson ready to succeed. When they get stuck they know how to help themselves. 


  • Your son or daughter is in year 10 or year 11. 

  • Either they have scored below grade 4 in a mock or they currently have a target grade close to grade 4.

  • You are confident your child can commit 2 hours a week for 12 weeks to have the problem solved.

  • You’re convinced that independence is a necessary part of a good education.

  • You want to find a solution before it gets worse.

Progress guarantee


12 weeks – 2 hours a week 


Maths Relationship rebuilder!

By the end of the first week you will notice a clear difference in their attitude, confidence and resilience towards maths. We leave the course self-assured and with excellent foundations to ace GCSE maths. Their relationship with maths comprehensively rebuilt.


Independence Initiator! for overcoming the “impossible” in life.

On the program we audit the student’s independence and we hone in on strategies that work best for them. We learn to be resilient in the face of “impossible” challenges and how to manage our stress response and exams. If they get stuck in Maths or something else, they can now solve the problem themselves.


Shrewd judgement supporter! 

Accessing careers, financial decision-making and the democratic process all requires mathematical competence. We cover this directly on the program.


Careers conversations!

For the second half of the course, we explore what careers (maths-related or not) might be a best fit for them and how to start thinking about these things.


Connected learning.

As well as 1-to-1 and self- study, students connect with each other on the mission to triumph over maths. Students motivate each other through their own success and stories.


Maths library

Access to questions bank and recommendations that I have been curating most of my life!

My values

My courses don’t just teach maths. These values come through in everything I do.

Great work shines, details matter greatly. It is valuable to see and create excellence. Life is too short for dull things.

Having a sense of humor and fun is key. The world is amazing. We will always be able to learn more. The best minds are in awe of the world. They take nothing for granted and light up at new possibilities.

Things only make sense once you commit. If you commit to one thing and see it through, it will affect the rest of your life.

The world is a better place when people take control of their lives. I inspire people to break free of limiting beliefs about math’s (and their abilities). Once they see that they can be captain of their ship, it’s difficult to unsee.

Math’s and exams should not dominate student’s lives. If students are empowered and have strong foundations, they can get on with living the rest of their lives. You can too. Life is too short for over-worrying. Once they are in a good spot they can decide if they want to push on or not.