Are they dreading taking GCSE Maths?

Unlock new career paths.

Don’t miss out the career and the earnings they deserve.


Overcoming Maths leaves a legacy of skills to succeed, wherever they go.

Maths is about confidence.

Build unstoppable momentum and have them ready to pass their Maths GCSE in 12 weeks


  • Your son or daughter is in year 10 or year 11. 

  • Either they have scored below grade 4 in a mock or they currently have a target grade close to grade 4.

  • You are confident your child can commit 2 hours a week for 12 weeks to have the problem solved.

  • You’re convinced that independence is a necessary part of a good education.

  • You want to find a solution before it gets worse.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Blended learning combines 1-to-1 with group work and independent work.



THE program uses blended learning to get the best results.



1:1 Models can be good but…

• Often have no clear plan or structure.
• Often become re-active – what would you like to cover today Jonny?

• Often lack the excitement of shared progress and success with peers.

• Often carry on too long so that tutor and child become complacent and dependent.



THE Blended program is best in class because…

• You always have a clear plan, with clear weekly goals 

• It deals with your child’s specific problem quickly and effectively.
• The program has an end date. This gives it an intensity and urgency.



Self-study allows learner to move at own pace and learn to become more independent, 

Group sessions improve results through a culture of success. 

1-to-1 support is always of offer quickly when student needs it.


In a word, yes.


Here’s why: 



o Access to the Best Tutors:
With online tuition, you can have access to the best tutors from anywhere in the world, not just the ones that happen to be in your local area.
o Skills and Plan are no. 1:
The quality of the tutor’s teaching skills and plan is more important than whether you’re learning in person or online. Don’t settle for a mediocre tutor just because they’re nearby!
o Group Learning benefits:
Online tuition allows for group learning with like-minded people who are in the same spot as your child. Let them be inspired and motivated by others on the same journey. 

o Online tuition use state of the art technologies (particularly well suited to Maths) 





Online is the Future:
Most learning is going online these days. You can teach yourself almost anything online if you have the right mindset. Why not give your child this gift early?

Five students per cohort.
I get results.


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