A bit more about me...

I am on a mission to change the way Maths is taught


I worked as a Maths classroom teacher for five years and I loved my job but something was gnawing at me from the off.

I was an “outstanding” teacher (their words not mine) but I always felt a little underwhelmed.

Too many students came to my completely out of love with Maths. 

With big classes sizes and gaps everywhere, it took a monumental effort to catch kids up!

The sad truth

Too many students nosedive in Maths. At the slightest sign of struggle, they feel hopeless and they give up.

Soon every lesson, parents evening, homework and test is a struggle – and their self-esteem is on the floor.

THE program

It’s what I wished I could give to all my old students who were struggling with maths – to get them back on track.

I am proud of what I have created.

With the program I have proved time and again, that anyone can pass GCSE Maths and enjoy it. 

Nothing about anyone is bad at maths, some people just need to strengthen their foundations – to learn to walk before they could run.

Pass GCSE Maths
stress free

I think of the program like a vaccination against maths troubles. Once we strengthen the foundations, my students pass GCSE Maths with confidence.

It’s 2hrs a week for 12 weeks and in that time we cover what they need to pass a GCSE maths.

To me, this is the most telling issue with maths education in this country – you can cover most of the content in 12 weeks. 

And yet it takes many students years of misery scrape through. As I said, I am on a mission to change the way Maths is taught…

I run a transformational maths program. Pass Maths GCSE with ease.

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