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THE Maths Triumph course

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Week 1 – The (general) elephant in the room (Algebra 1)
It's the topic everyone struggles on so let’s start here. Building on the key idea from last week - the rules do not change for algebra. You still do all the same stuff as with number. Letters just allow us to access the power of generality! Cover the fundamentals which once mastered make Maths so much easier. Lot's of higher topics rely on foundations.

Week 2 – The (general) elephant in the room (Algebra 1)

Week 3 – The study of chance (Probability 1)
We can use probability to model and plan / predict the world. In this module we will see how probability has saved countless businesses, events and lives! If something may happen, it has a probability and this numerical value is much more helpful than saying "there's a chance". In this module we will see why. There is two types experimental and theoretical. Notice how we are deftly covering decimals, fractions and percentages in action - so if we need to brush up we will do here too.

Week 4 – Where it all began (Number 1)
You wouldn't learn to spell by just spell tests. It's much more fun to read. That's what we have been doing so far (Maths style). You have been doing fractions, percentages and decimals lots so far - shock horror! In this module we cover number more directly. We build a mental picture of what certain units are to really understand the size of the universe. We learn about standard form and how to use our calculator!

Week 5 – Where it all began (Number 1)

Week 6 – The key to life is balance (Ratio)
All life involves ratio. In this module we will learn the power of this way of looking at the world.

Week 7 – Simplifying big data sets (Statistics 1)
People and politicians are trying to trick you all the time. Can you catch them out or join them ;) ?! Stats simplify crazy large data sets that nobody could possible pour through. In this module, we learn how to be savvy and what "good" looks like. We set standards before we believe just any old thing!

Week 8 – The most important shape ever (Geometry 1)
All GPS and modern phones use this shape. We navigated the whole sea using them. Every other shape 2-d or 3-d (even 4-d!) can be mapped using them. All the computer games and animations you have ever seen uses these great shapes. Needless to say, there's a reason why we need to look at triangles closely.

Week 9 Modelling the world (Algebra 2)

Week 10 – Modelling the world (Algebra 2)

Week 11 – Measuring space (Geometry 2)
Beautiful things are great for no other reason than they are beautiful. In this module we look at some of the most beautiful things. Oh, and of course, some of the maths that makes this possible! Hint: it's nothing too fancy. You can create greatness with some simple angles and a sharp pencil!

Week 12 – Measuring space (Geometry 2)

Week 13 – Powerful digits (Number 2)
In this module we look at compound interest, standard form and the foundation of our entire number system (primes!).

10 questions a day (Grade 4/5) – SET 1
10 questions a day. All 1-2 mark questions in GCSE foundation, likely to come up. Questions answers and video solutions. Try a different set each day?!

10 questions a day (Grade 4/5) – SET 2

10 questions a day (Grade 4/5) – SET 3

Exam practice – past paper questions

BONUS – Get a Grade 5 – Trigonometry

BONUS – Get Grade 5 – Modelling curves (Algebra 3)
In this topic we look at quadratics!

BONUS – Showing things (Statistics 2)

Our first week we tackle: - the "hardest" topic... Algebra and see that it's not actually as hard as we think. - learn key measurements and start to see the power of number. - get to know each other and set targets for ourselves.

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5 months ago
Thanks sir, I've learnt so much from you and this course. I've passed my exam but you took me beyond that to enjoy maths and feel more independent! Oss :)

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